Best Tips for Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Are you a handy homeowner or looking for some bathroom renovations on a budget tips for your next DIY project?

If you’re looking to start small, focus on individual improvements rather than a full remodel or redesign we have put together some ideas for bathroom renovations on a budget that you can explore yourself to modify and improve your bathroom’s aesthetics and visual appearance.

Whilst there are many advantages to engaging an experienced and licensed Brisbane Bathroom Renovator, the biggest advantage is avoiding the potential pitfalls of creating any larger structural damage to your home. Doing so would likely result in higher costs than if you engaged a professional to perform the renovation from the very beginning. Additionally, you get peace of mind of having your bathroom renovation costs covered by warranty when engaging with a licensed Brisbane Master Builder.


If you are interested in hiring a professional, don’t forget to ask these 8 Questions before you hire a Brisbane Bathroom Contractor.

Here are some of our DIY and bathroom renovation on a budget suggestions.

Bathroom Tiling

Let’s face it, the first thing you notice when coming into a new bathroom is the tiling. Any tiling that is broken, cracked or old can give your bathroom a less-than-appealing appearance to your visitors. 

Whilst it can be an expensive renovation (depending on the material and size of your bathroom), changing the colour or the style of your tiling can entirely change the appearance and perceived size of your bathroom (but still not hurt the back pocket). 

Ceramic tiles are extremely popular & cost-effective but highly recommended for bathroom tiling. Another popular bathroom renovation on a budget idea is to change the tiling in one part of your bathroom. For example, changing the tiling in your shower can greatly improve the appearance of the overall bathroom and give it some character.

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Bathroom Wall Colour & Accessories

Typically bathroom walls that are painted are very neutral, this is mainly because most homeowners choose to splash colour in the form of bathroom accessories including towels and personal visual touches such as pictures & paintings. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t choose a unique bathroom wall colour that shows your individuality, just ensure it compliments your bathroom accessories such as towel racks, soap holders and door hooks. 

Be bold, incorporating a unique colour can give your bathroom a point of difference. The bathroom is a room like no other in your home, therefore remember, it doesn’t always need to fit the same decor as the rest of your home – so get creative.

Bathroom Lighting

The most flexible and cost-effective way to perform a bathroom renovations on a budget could be to just focus on your bathroom lighting. Changing from a typical bright whole-room illumination to something more muted or concentrated on adding lighting to specific regions can not only serve as a great visual upgrade but an aesthetic benefit.


Considering drop lights under sink cabinets or lights with adjustable brightness can tactically help give your bathroom a point of difference that is appealing and helpful to you and your guests

Bathroom Cabinets

If the cabinets are still in an excellent state, you do not have to purchase or get new ones created. A better idea to improve their appearance on a small bathroom budget is by replacing your old cabinet doors with some new ones to complement the rest of your design. 


Also, if you don’t need all the storage – removing wall cabinets altogether can make your small bathroom seem much larger and gives you extra wall space to add your own creative touch or more compact accessory options such as wall hooks or towel racks.


Bathroom Flooring

Depending on your current bathroom, your flooring can be a financially sound option to update. Whilst it’s certainly important in terms of overall look and cleanliness, it’s important to make the flooring look as presentable as possible and should be your first consideration when updating your bathroom. 


Stone or tile flooring can be financially competitive for many homeowners. Waterproof & hardy materials such as granite or limestone will give your bathroom a gorgeous yet comfortable finish. For wooden options, some sanding and new varnish can be applied to give it a whole new look at a cost-effective price and a relatively simple DIY exercise.

Bathroom Ventilation

Proper ventilation of your bathroom is a necessary & important requirement for any bathroom. This helps to eradicate excessive moisture that ultimately can contribute to unwanted mildew and mould. 


Essential for sustaining fresh indoor air quality, proper ventilation can help with ensuring any excess humidity doesn’t cause damage to wooden or painted surfaces. The good news is it’s a relatively cost-effective renovation and highly important for the long term health of your bathroom and it’s visitors.

Overall, don’t underestimate the power of subtle touches like introducing some soft schemes with neutral colours for the long-lasting fixtures and surfaces or adding your own character to elements that can be easily changed, such as window treatments, shower curtains, throw rugs, towels, and bath mats. These simple bathroom renovations on a budget tips can still offer tons of personality and extra comfort to your bathroom & don’t require a professional, just your own creativity. Just be sure to do your research on what brands & suppliers would suit your budget best.


Here are a couple local Brisbane wholesalers worth checking out to help with your bathroom renovations on a budget.
Bathrooms on a Budget & Bathrooms Warehouse


But if you are interested in hiring a professional and still worried about the overall cost, many builders offer competitive bathroom renovation costs & packages that can suit your budget and requirements.